Service  Promise




Our purpose is to be acknowledged in the industry as a leader of commercial cleaning by providing unique solutions, unbeatable pricing and unmatched customer service that sets the standard

of excellence.  

​​We are so glad to work with MTCCS because they go above and beyond what's expect every time they clean for us . Their employees are pleasant and always on time.                                                                                                                                                        

Save money because we are skillful to avoid wasted time and effort by doing the job RIGHT the first time.

 Messages From Our Clients:

Don’t worry because we act with integrity toward our staff, our clients and our community.

Our Core Values

MTCCS is determined to provide professional cleaning services that are both visually dynamic yet environmentally friendly. We pride ourselves on never delivering anything less than perfection to our clients.


We apply sound principles using eco-friendly solutions to deliver service that's incomparable. We look forward to working for you and your business regardless of the size or scope.





MT Cleaning Service is the best cleaning service company we've worked with in the past few years. We are  100 %  satisfied with the remarkable service they provide.                                                                                              

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Tell us exactly what you want because we adapt to our client’s needs and identify opportunities for innovation.

Depend on us because we are determined to deliver excellence with every commitment.




MTCCS will deliver certified quality cleaning by persistently pursuing our client’s objectives and partnering closely with them to offer a level of service that supersedes their expectations.